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This is a prescription product that your physician will have to send in a prescription for. Please tell your physician to go to for instructions under the PRESCRIBER Tab. Please ask your physician to contact the NuCara pharmacy serving their state for more information. Anal Warts are a form of genital warts affecting the anus, rectum, taint and butt. It is caused by HPV, a contagious STD. It can be cured with natural and doctor administered remedies.

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What are the stages of salicylic acid warts removal. People have invented various methods for effective warts removal. There are surgical interventions for advanced cases, as there are laser and cryotherapy methods for comparatively benign cases. All these methods are effective for warts removal.WartPEEL is available as a compounded medication exclusively from MedCara, LLC and it's contracted pharmacy, NuCara. Wartpeel as a formula has not been through FDA testing. The dispensing of WartPEEL requires that an appropriate doctor-patient-pharmacist relationship be maintained.

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Stages Of Wart Removal Using Salicylic Acid By Dr. Ahmed. Consult a dermatologist if salicylic acid does not work on warts after 12 weeks. Stages Of Wart Removal Using Salicylic Acid. Wart removal usually isn’t very painful but is uncomfortable. Sometimes we find ourselves counting the days until the sore is finally gone.

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